if I name one thing to count, what would it be?

More sensors makes sensing things more difficult.

You might collect various data unconsciously. Your brains are collection of the sensors which report to your decision making system visually, audibly, tangibly, and your feeling and minds are also counted as your one of your sensors.

Even your surrounding devises extend your abilities to track those things,your innate sensors are still the most instant way to recognize the world. You might collect data very easier and larger than before in all you name through your devices as you are using now,but it is harder and harder to define which is the specific one thing to track.

The more and more data stimilates your senses,it gets harder to choose to track specific one.The problem is to find what is the most important metric for you,and what we measure to track it.

What we should track is always what we value, and how we know that?

According to the etymology online, the word of the “value” is ordinary means “degree to which something is useful or estimable.”It sounds quite paradoxical, but should say we need least “degree” for estimating the things’ Importance for own ourselves. Like something important for you is expressed in certain degree of 2 or 3.

So that, I started to develop a app to measure how I am achieving important things “I value” everyday.
I counted it for over 50 days and after the experiment I analyzed it with correlation analysis.

Things revealed was simple:
My daily happiness is correlated with performances of work and relationship with others.
And I seem to be able to survive with long work-time and humble sleep quality with it.

***You can also track the experiment and see the result below.
Pass: memori


So, what’s next, then?

Actually, still don’t know. I’ve been quite immersed to the work,
since I was aware of my happiness degree.
I found myself I got less uncontrolled,
after I came through self-tracking days and
feel less depressed, these days.

But, still not aware of what kind of activities should be
centered to my life.
I didn’t know what could be the source of my value creation.
I was sort of “in full-consideration” of this matter,
nevertheless I seemed to be fully into my own work.

Then what’s treatable & solvable?

Now recent, some of my Core-thought have been changed.
I’ve devoted to my thought of “let the uncontrollable things be”,
but now I think not all the uncontrollable things uncontrollable,
in the reason of it is uncontrollable.

We should manage to tackle with something uncontrollable to
change it. We have not to leave it because of it is untreatable.
For example our mind is quite uncontrollable, but that is quite big reason for all kind of what we are doing.
That is something you have to tackle, unless it is uncontrollable.

It is known that the word of the management was ordinary meant to handle horses. If you leave something uncontrollable as it is uncontrollable.
You miss something important side of life.

What’s the decision?

Then, my decision was quite simple.
I write to manage myself.
I feel I am living when I am in depth of thinking.
I am going to make effort to write down all my thought to think something clearly and deeply.
Also to tackle with uncontrollable things: that is my mind.
Drawing out my unconscious devoting theory and change it iterating the same scenarios.
I am to change something, so that I would like to change myself, at very first.

That’s why I am started to write, again.


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